​​​​​​​Standard Package:
5000L Per photo + 1000L Per Extra Character
This includes a custom pose built for your idea in any location of your choice. Examples below.
Photos come colour corrected with basic clipping problems corrected in post.
basic package:
2500L Per photo + 500L PEr extra character
These are basic photos with no custom poses, just your AO frozen at key points, animations on furniture or poses you have supplied yourself. Basic corrections to poses are offered. Examples below.
10,000L Per Photo + 2000L Per extra character
This is your Standard Package but it comes with an extra level of post processing that gives your Second Life photos an extra level of wow. If you appreciate the finer things in life this is the package for you. Examples below.
Something else?
Want something like a comic page or series? Let's talk about your project and make it reality!
Examples below