Support Us

We're thankful for everything you do to help us going <3

It's been a wild half decade, no way did I think I'd still be creating Second Life machinima the first time I booted up FRAPS that many years ago. But it's with all your support both financially and otherwise that have kept us going and growing, and for that I thank you!
And I mean that, every like, view, retweet's let us keep creating, so I just hope we can keep delivering the goods <3
If you're new or want to help keep the dream going there's plenty of options!

What kind of costs do you guys incur?
Almost all funds get put back into CatScratch. A significant portion goes towards Second Life (Land, props, sets, clothing, furniture, animations etc.), another slice goes towards software, another chunk split among the team for their contributions, and the rest saved for hardware purchases (e.g. graphic cards)