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Meet Torin/Oskar
Welcome to the artistic realm of Torin, also known as Oskar, but most notably recognized as Rather — an esteemed creator who weaves captivating stories through the lens of his camera and the art of short videos.
With an unwavering commitment to visual storytelling, Rather masterfully captures the essence of the world in his stunning photographs, each frame a testament to his impeccable composition and meticulous attention to detail. Complementing his photographic prowess, he skillfully crafts short videos that transport viewers into immersive narratives, leaving them spellbound.
Beyond his craft, Rather embodies a profound passion for humor, infusing his work with delightful memes that evoke laughter and joy. While his dedication to excellence remains unwavering, he also understands the power of levity, fostering an environment of collaboration that inspires and uplifts his team.
As a cornerstone of any creative endeavor, Rather's contributions extend far beyond the boundaries of his lens. He is an invaluable asset, a driving force behind the success of every project. His unwavering work ethic, adaptability, and meticulous attention to detail ensure that every endeavor reaches its full potential.
When he steps away from his artistic pursuits, Rather's love for cars and the thrill of speed takes center stage. With an insatiable passion for the open road, he channels his drive and determination into conquering new horizons, forever pushing the limits of his creativity and craft.
And now, let us address the question at hand: Who would you Rather work with? Torin or Oskar? The answer lies within the heart of Rather — a fusion of their remarkable talents. It is not just a name but a testament to unparalleled creativity, professionalism, and a steadfast dedication to collaborative excellence.

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